Yay!!!! My first blog post. This is going to be really exciting guys – trust me.

Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering what this blog is about, feel free to check my About page for that.

Before I get carried away by my excitement, how was your weekend? Mine was long but awesome, had a great time at an orphanage organized by TRAINT, an NGO owned by a good friend of mine.

You know, sometimes we get carried away by our own problems and forget that there are so many people out there, in need of the little help we can offer to them. Today, keep in mind that no matter what situation you’re in, THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE YOU CAN HELP.

Alright now, let’s get to the main thing shall we? – I know you can’t wait. Me too!!!!

Before we get there though, quick question: What is celibacy?  – Yeah Yeah, you know what it is means, you’re a smart ass! But for the sake of others, let’s do a quick review on celibacy.

Celibacy is abstaining from sex or marriage – calm down, I’m not dealing with the marriage bit. Just so we don’t get confused let me say that again…


Celibacy means to abstain from sexual relations. Some people call it abstinence, but that’s a discussion for another day.

So we good yeah? Can I move on? Okay…

Today’s post is going to be just a little encouragement to you all, thought I should share something important with everyone.

How many people practicing celibacy have you come across? – I’m guessing not a lot. So does that mean celibates don’t exist? Or at the very least, only “very” religious people can be celibate?

You’d be surprised how many people are celibate, most people don’t talk about it – especially celibate men – cause they don’t want people, to think there’s something wrong with them or they are not man enough. It’s sad that people believe men can only be called “men” based on the number of ladies they have laid with. Most males are never taught sexual abstinence, it’s a subject mostly reserved for ladies. They say you become a man after you’ve slept with a lady.

Do you really believe that?

Today, I challenge all men practicing celibacy to own up. Don’t pretend, lie or make it sound like a joke. If you’re currently on the celibacy journey, don’t feel less than a man, It’s resisting the temptation that actually makes you a MAN. 

Although, I don’t really blame those who think that way. Like I mentioned earlier, young boys are never really bombarded with the “don’t have sex ” lectures that ladies get while growing up. So they grow up as sexual predators, hunting, hunting, hunting….

Parents and our society have to reevaluate, if you keep protecting the ladies and not taming the boys…don’t you think that’s contradicting what you’re preaching? Because if you preach don’t have sex to your daughters and not your sons, who’s NOT gonna have sex with your daughter?

For women, we don’t want to say it out loud so others don’t think we are immature or naive – I once was at a gathering, where I was the only non sexually active person and I remember feeling so small and thinking to myself “These people will never take me serious if they find out that I am not sexually active”, but I decided to be honest (oh yes, I definitely got those awkward stares)

I believe celibacy should be celebrated – see what I did there? – we all have to own up to the decisions we make in life, don’t shy away from them. Share your story with people, it doesn’t have to be on a large-scale like this blog, start where you can – one person at a time. You never know whose life you’ll impact.


In fact, it helps to let those around you know the journey you are about to embark on, so they can be of support and make the journey easier.

Like me, don’t feel inferior cause you happen to be the odd one out in your circle – chin up, chest out and put your best foot forward.

So if you’re practicing celibacy, indicate by commenting “I am celibate” in the comments section. Let’s spread the awareness together.

I’m pretty sure you enjoyed this first post, and Yes, more posts coming soon. Please share, like and  subscribe to my blog to get notified of new posts. 

Thanks for the read. See ya!


55 thoughts on “DO THEY EXIST?

  1. oh my ,this was an interesting read .. so proud of you chi!! ok so yeah I AM CELIBATE !!
    but i hasnt always been like this though ,i have been sexually active but my change and turning point came from a conviction and my personal relationship woth God , i believe in honouring God with our bodies as single .. coupled with the fact that sex exposes you to a lot of things emotionally and spiritually ,looking forward to the next read
    tnks darling xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome!!! It’s great to have a definite purpose for why you have chosen to be celibate. Now whenever you feel like falling back, remember you have chosen to honor God with your body.
      I love you. Thanks a lot.


  2. This was quite an interesting read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Already a huge fan and will subscribe ASAP.
    It’s refreshing to know that there are still people out there with Godly values who believe Sex is worth waiting for and it’s perfectly okay to stand out in a Sex-crazed world.
    I celebrate you Sommy.
    God bless you real good for this.

    And Yes,
    And proud of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Sommy, I’m proud of u and glad u made a blog like this, looking forward to more blogs 😊. If u don’t mind I do have questions , when u talk about celibacy is it because u are a virgin?
    People are ceilbate for different reasons and I see people’s comment about being celibate but I have to ask why ate u celibate?
    Is it because u are virgin? Is it because u are single and there’s no one to sleep with or is it because u choose to be celibate ?
    Then there is also the question ,how long do u intend to be celibate? Till u get a boyfriend or till marriage ?
    To me I agree with u celibacy is a good thing, do it for urself not for any man , do it because it saves u from regrets and heartaches , do it because the bible says so and u understand why.

    For as many that are celibate for the good reasons , I pray God continue to grant y’all the grace to keep ursself holy for Him.


    1. Hi dear, glad you enjoyed the post. I am celibate cause I believe our bodies are temples of God and therefore we should honor God with our bodies. I also believe in NO MARRIAGE, NO SEX. Thanks a lot. xo


  4. Nice one!!! We need more people to oppose this ideology that sex is like a stepping stone to any serious relationship or to show how committed you are with your partner.
    Celibate puts you all together and you get to another yourself better than anyone else would claim to know. Weldon dear more grace 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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