Love without sex? You must be crazy!


What? Love without sex? Are you crazy? Is that even possible? Is there a thing like that?

I’ve never heard of that before. No one can do that. It’s absurd. You must be out of your mind!!

OH WOW ๐Ÿ˜ฎ, that was intense. Am I the only one feeling the heat in here?

Where do I start from?

Whew! Okay guys, let’s do this!

Hey beautiful people, how are we doing today? Anyway I’m doing great and feeling awesome – rather, feeling the heat!

Okay now, no need for too much talk here, I’m here to answer the question “Can you love without sex?”ย Just in case you don’t get my drift “Can you – and I – be in a relationship with someone we love and not have sex?

The answer? YES.

Thanks for stopping by today. Take care.




Calm down, Jeez! I’m still here.

Yes you can love without sex. Falling in love with someone doesn’t mean you’ve found a “sex buddy”. Our society has implanted in us the belief that being in a relationship simply means you’ve found someone to have guiltless sex with. Making us believe that being physical is the only thing to look forward to in a relationship.

What ever happened to helping each other grow? Matching your strengths to the other person’s weaknesses? ย Loving a person for who they are? Conquering – or better still, making the world a better place together?


Then what distinguishes that person from a normal friend?

It’s the commitment you’ve made to each other. It’s the fact that you have decided to open your heart, to this person. Love is not about sex and having sex is not the only way to show or prove to someone, that you’re in love with them. You don’t need sex to feel connected to your partner.

In fact, I believe that non-sexual relationships are the deepest kind, because you find other ways to be intimate with each other. You get to know this person and develop your true feelings without the sexual attachment which often times clouds the mind.

A relationship built on just physical attraction, is one that definitely wouldn’t last. SEX SHOULDN’T BE THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

You might ask “But isn’t intimacy the same as sex?”

Read an article a while ago that gave me a whole new meaning toย intimacy. Intimacy means “In-to-me-see” it’s a blending of our heart with another’s, so we can “see into” who they really are, and they can “see into” us.

Nice yeah?

So there you have it,ย intimacyย isย closeness., it’s the formation of a close bond with someone.

No, I’m not denying the fact that sex is a form of intimacy, note, a FORM of intimacy.ย Like I said earlier, sex shouldn’t be the foundation of your relationship.



Build your relationship based on your interaction with each other.

  • Have intellectual conversations.
  • Laugh (cry) together.
  • Help your partner grow – spiritually, personally, career wise and even financially.
  • Make the person better than you met him/her.
  • Relax together.
  • I like this one, work out together.
  • Talk about your goals and Share personal details with one another.
  • Seek advice from him/her.
  • Having conversations about your relationship is great as well.

So you see, intimacy goes far beyond sex.

Like they say,ย sex is the icing on the cake.ย Don’t you have to bake a cake first before icing it? So why skip the baking and jump right to the icing? Lay a proper foundation first.

So why don’t you give this a try? Put sex off the table and develop intimacy with your partner without the help of sex and see how it goes. Do you still feel connected to this person without the sex?

Dare to defy norm.

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Oh yeah, don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and other ways you think intimacy can be developed without sex!ย 


29 thoughts on “Love without sex? You must be crazy!

  1. This is lovely sommy., great post.. This can only come from the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.., really looking forward to the next one… keep flourishing… Proud of you girl๐Ÿ˜™

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post has taught me way too much of stuff. In just 4mins ive leant what people take days or years to learn. Thank you chisom. Please dont stop. You’re inspiring so many people out there …you have no idea.
    Im stealing your sentence and reframing it “Youre making the world a better place than you met it” #truelove

    Liked by 1 person

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