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Hey guys! Exciting news today.

Guess what? This post wasn’t written by me. An amazing friend of mine had something he had to share with y’all, so in the spirit of valentine’s day, I let him guest post on the blog today.

I hope you enjoy his article…have fun and let me know what you think when you’re done.


Mostly in our lives we communicate, share moments and grow feelings for some weird creature called HUMANS. No matter how intelligent you’re in your field or how much skills you possess in your work, I believe we can all agree that the most important skill we can have in our tool bag is the ability to understand people and know how to treat every individual we come across in our daily life.

We can all agree that our primary educational system doesn’t teach us more about this, to me personally, I feel it’s a shame because we can over come many relationship, financial and spiritual problems in our lives if we can understand people…

The alphabet in the P.A.S.E all stand for the 4 human personality types we all have which are Practical, Action, Social and Emotional. We all have these 4 personality types but not in equal measure, some dominate more than others.
Let’s take a closer look at these personalities:

PRACTICAL: A practical personality type are those who love to have things in order, they like straight forward things and require a lot of explanation and time before they can make a decision.

ACTION: Action people are the ever present energetic people around, they take actions without even thinking about them, they have little or no regret. They are the you only live once (YOLO) kind of people.

 SOCIAL: The social personality type are those who see the world as one big family, they can go anywhere and make bunch of friends without holding back. They care about others a lot and welcome people into their lives easily.

EMOTIONAL: This personality type is mostly mistaken for weakness, because of that, the emotional dominated people don’t really agree they have this personality type, they always shy away from it but the reality is that it has it’s good and bad just as the other 3 personality types.

What I will advice everyone to do is to rate themselves and their partners in these 4 aspects, to give you a clearer ability to understand you and your partner better and be able to adjust to their personality type and manage them and yourself in difficult times and also know how to make them happy.

Here are some questions to help you rate yourself and your partner from 1 – 10

(1 been very poor and 10 been very strong) – the personality with the highest rate is the most dominant

 Practical question

From a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you like planning 2 weeks ahead of schedule? And if everything you plan don’t happen as you want them, do you freak out?

Action question

From a scale of 1 – 10, how often do you take action on a new idea without understanding the basics?

Social question

From a scale of 1 – 10, If you have a meeting with someone in a bar and they don’t show up, will you stick around to socialize with complete strangers or just go home? – { if you don’t stick around you can rate yourself from 0-3 but if you stick around you can rate yourself from 7-10 and anywhere in between can be rated from 4-6}

Emotional question 

From a scale of 1 – 10, how often do you get pissed at someone then later evaluate the issue and can’t find any concrete reason why you were angry?

Rate yourself and your partner with these questions and hopefully this article helps you understand yourself and your partner better.

Now you know your partner’s dominant personality, you can work around that and treat him/her in the most suitable way.

For example, your partner only takes action after endless persuasion, gets angry easily and isn’t very social. Therefore, your partner’s dominant personality is practical, then emotional, then social and lastly action. Personality Type: PESA

With the dominant personality being Practical, you know that you have to always explain things to them and let them know every little detail.
I hope this helps you out one way or another. Thanks for the read!

P.S: The great thing about this system is that, it can be used in different areas of your like including business {understanding business partners and knowing how to persuade them}.


Here are his social media handles, further questions should be directed to him.😊

Facebook: Otsu Aloaye Collins

Instagram: Aloaye_javi

You can also follow the blog’s instagram page: celibacylife


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