Celibacy Is A Plague


“I met this great guy recently, he’s caring, such a gentleman, speaks well. In fact he’s everything I want in a man, but I’m scared he might lose interest in me when he finds out….”

I know right? That can be a scary thought sometimes.

With the way our society has been set up and the fact thatΒ sexΒ has been portrayed to be such a normal thing – marriage or not – you might find it hard to break the ice and reveal the fact that you’re currently staying celibate.

Most people would think you’re joking when you mention the word CELIBACY, some might mock you, others might try to convince you to give it up saying “you have to test the waters”. Regardless of all these, you have to stand your ground and not get swayed.

Guess what? You’d be doing yourself a huge favor – thank me later 😊. Letting he or she know that you’re celibate is one of the most effective ways to find out if the person is even worth your time.

You don’t wanna keep pushing the topic away just to find out later on, that the person is far from living a life of celibacy – don’t get me wrong, it is possible to influence a person and make them want to do something they never thought they could.


I personally don’t think screaming “I AM CELIBATE” should be the number one thing you tell a potential partner when you meet him/her – and also not the last.

I would advice that you go with the flow. If it so happens that the conversation comes up on the first date, that’s fine, let the potential know; no need to brush the topic off like it’s some plague. Celibacy is something to be proud of.

Don’t be in a hurry and don’t procrastinate as well.

Being celibate is NOT ALL that you are. So you shouldn’t be worried that a guy will leave you once he finds out that you are celibate – if he leaves, well, good riddance – I’d like to believe that you are an amazing person with a great personality. You have so much to offer than just your body.

Don’t be scared to lose him/her. If he or she is not willing to take the same path as you, then let the person go. Like I mentioned earlier, celibacy is a great way to WEED OUT those who are not ready to be in a serious/committed relationship with you.

Here’s the tricky part, you still have to be careful even after you mention it to him or her. Some might say “I’m fine with it” just to get you into the relationship and after a while start asking you for sex because they think all you need is time to change your mind. Like I said, people will try to change your mind but you shouldn’t give in to that.

Be certain that the person is really willing to abstain – which wouldn’t be easy, especially if the person has been sexually active till now. But it isn’t impossible.

Be wise and make yourself clear when you finally break the ice.

I also need you to realize that there are lots of people out there on this celibacy journey – might not seem like it, but there are.


Do you have tips on ways to break the ice? Let us know in the comment section. Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe and share!Β 

Dare to defy the norm.


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