Finding The Love Of Your Life.


Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.


Today I’m gonna do a book review. Yes!!

If you haven’t been living under a rock you’d have heard of the book THE WAIT written by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good.

DeVon Franklin is a film producer, Author, motivational speaker and a preacher – ladies, go google him, thank me later – while Meagan Good is an actress. She’s been in movies like Think Like A Man, Jumping The Broom and many others.
Okay, maybe you don’t know DeVon Franklin but at least you know Meagan Good right? – If you don’t know her, you are ban from reading my blog!! Okay, I’m just joking, but seriously??


Alright now, so what’s the big deal about them you ask?

Well, well, well, today I’ll be doing a review their book “THE WAIT“.

No, actually it’s titled…THE WAIT: A Powerful Practice For Finding The Love Of Your Life And The Life You Love.


Let me give you a little background story first….


DeVon Franklin was celibate for about 10 years before meeting Meagan good while Meagan was celibate for a few months before they met.

They waited to have sex till after marriage and wrote the book THE WAIT together, where they talk about their journey as a couple (celibate couple) and how celibacy really helps you in other areas of your life.


Enough about them right? Let’s move on to the REVIEW!


Now, I’m going to share with you some of my biggest take-outs from the book and I hope they bless and motivate you as much as they did me.


DISCLAIMER: You might read the book and get a different insight on what these quotes mean and that’s great. I’m just sharing with you from my point of view and how it spoke to me. Feel free to share your insights as well.


Here it goes…

  • God doesn’t show your heart to everybody. He only shows it to those He can trust with it. 

This was a statement made by DeVon to Meagan because she felt like most people didn’t know who she truly was. If you didn’t know this, Meagan is seen as a sex symbol (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but most people think she’s a “wild” lady, But DeVon saw her for who she truly is. So to everyone reading this, not everyone might understand you or know you for who you truly are and that’s okay. The people that need to, Will. In proverbs 4:23 the bible says “Watch over your heart with all diligence, For out of it are the issues of life” So guard that heart of yours girl!



  • Let love and purpose manifest in your life as a result of you working on becoming the best version of yourself. 

Most of us try too hard to find “the one” but sometimes we just have to take a chill pill and work on being the best version of ourselves. Be the happiest, most fulfilled single you can be and love will just pop up in your face – literally. Don’t let yourself be pressured because everyone around you is getting into one relationship or the other. Work on developing yourself and being the best partner you can be.


  • Wait actively.

 This is almost the same as the point above which basically means, don’t decide to be celibate, abstain from sex and just sit around doing nothing. You’ll end up greatly disappointed with no results and then claim that the wait doesn’t work. It’s time to work on yourself and prepare for your future. Use periods of active waiting to sculpt your life into the shape you want.


  • Temptation will fit anywhere in your life that you make room for it. 

Flirtations, lying in bed or staying out too late with the opposite sex, watching, listening or reading things that’ll ignite that desire in you, etc. You can’t stand next to the tracks and pretend you’re not trying to catch a train. Don’t make room for temptation and then cry when you succumb to it.



  • It pulls the right people to you. 

When you are on the right path for your life, you’ll definitely meet people on that same path with you, because really and truly, if you’re on your way to Africa, how will you meet someone on their way to Asia? 


  • Happiness is pleasure without regret. 

This, I really like. When most people have premarital sex, there’s no true joy and relaxation in that, there’s always that feeling at the back of your mind and also no real peace, especially when you know what you’re doing isn’t right. And yes, there’s still pleasure when you have sex but true Happiness comes without Regret.


  • There is nothing weird about valuing yourself, your body and your God. 

Preach!!!! And what’s wrong with making closeness, growth, communication, building a strong foundation, more important than sexual gratification? Full stop



  • If you can be disciplined in your sexual life, there’s nothing you can’t do. 

Our sexual desire(s) is probably the greatest thing one can overcome. I can’t tell you why exactly but it is. And if one can overcome that, then you can definitely overcome every other thing life throws at you. Sounds a little too extreme? Why don’t you do an experiment today? Try conquering your sexual desires continuously and see what changes takes place in your life.



Being celibate doesn’t mean I’m anti-sex (far from that I tell you) it just means that I’m willing to delay my sexual gratification for a higher gain. 

I really hope you gained a lot from today’s post. Revisiting the book was quite exhilarating for me. 

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Sommy Xo


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