Don’t Stop! It’s working…


So you’ve been waiting for so long and it seems like nothing is happening.

The lady or man of your dreams hasn’t found you yet.

Nothing seems to be progressing.

The loneliness keeps creeping in.

And you ask yourself, “Is the wait worth it?”



My answer to you is… Yes It Is.

The wait is always worth it.

Things take time, and like you must have seen in some previous posts; Use the time you have to work on yourself and build great relationships.

Celibacy is not just about abstaining from sex. It’s also about getting control of your life and avoiding desperate relationship choices therefore enabling you to make better choices about your future.

Keep your focus and don’t give up. Be consistent no matter what comes your way or how hard it may be to stay on course.

If you are on the wait journey (abstinence) with the right attitude, believe me, everything will come in place.


Little drops of water make a mighty ocean



One step at a time.

One positive attitude at a time.

Every puzzle will fall into place gradually and most likely you wouldn’t even notice it happening.

Then one day, buff! Mr. Right/Ms. Right will be standing right next to you.


Please don’t give up.


It’s not over until it’s over.


Sometimes we think we’re ready but the truth is, you might not be ready for Mr/Ms.Right. Let God do the groundwork for you. Give him time to work on you and possibly Mr/Ms. Right as well. So that when you both are ready for each other. You’ll be glad you waited and didn’t rush things.


I’m pretty sure you don’t want to meet Ms. Right at the wrong time yeah? Maybe you’re still a mess working on yourself and most probably, if you meet her in that state, she might not even spare you a second glance.

You really can have the life you want when you wait for things to unfold, when you and God are ready.

Let God take charge. Life is better when you have patience and let God work.

Commit to the timing, no matter how long it takes.

Be consistent and persistent.

Everyday you become wiser and stronger in your journey – even though you don’t necessarily see it. Even those weak moments when you feel you can’t go one more day without sex are making you stronger.


Be disciplined, pray, have a great support system and you’ll reap harvests if you don’t quit.

Listen to me! You are stronger than you think you are.



Thank you all for your constant commitment, views, comments, likes, subscriptions and shares, know that it never goes unnoticed. Unfortunately I’ll have to take a little break – okay maybe not so little – from posting on the blog due to my exams and also take out time to revamp the blog (GREATER THINGS ARE YET TO COME). I’ll miss you guys greatly but don’t be dismayed, follow the Instagram page of the blog (@celibacylife) so we can still be connected. I’ll be posting on there as much as I can.

And also subscribe to the blog so you don’t get lost in the wind, plus I’ll be reposting some of your favorite blog posts. Do have a beautiful summer holiday and stay blessed.









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