Hi I’m Sommy, welcome to my blog. I am a 20 something year old nursing student, currently residing in Ternopil, Ukraine. I am here to take you on a journey with me…I hope you’re ready!! Yes you guessed right, the journey of celibacy (I know, right? daunting  isn’t it?)  Here’s one word to describe how it’s going to be: ENLIGHTENING. Don’t worry, you don’t have to currently be celibate to read my posts (and yes you read that right, I used “currently” cause I’m hoping you’ll join me on this journey, if you ain’t married that is…it’s a journey after all isn’t it?). Do I really have to say it? I have to? oh well, here we go, I AM CELIBATE, feel better now?  Feel free to suggest topics you’d like to see on the blog – remember, it’s our journey.

Alright now, without further ado, go read my posts!!!!