Don’t Stop! It’s working…


So you’ve been waiting for so long and it seems like nothing is happening.

The lady or man of your dreams hasn’t found you yet.

Nothing seems to be progressing.

The loneliness keeps creeping in.

And you ask yourself, “Is the wait worth it?”


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Hi people.

Today’s post is quite an interesting one, believe me it is.

I did something new for this post.

I interviewed a couple of people who have been celibate for some time.

My reason?

I want to let sexually active unmarried people know that life without sex isn’t as bad as they think.

So I’ve gathered short stories of people who have gone/are going through celibacy, their struggles, how they cope “without sex” and the benefits of celibacy in their life.

Let’s get right to it.

For me making a conscious decision to be celibate till I got married was about 3 years ago, before that time I had so many opportunities, the ones I sought out for and the ones I was given on a silver platter. Life for me has been a wild roller coaster; I miss intimacy with a lady, the cuddles, waking up by her side and all that. For me, that is the hardest part of being celibate but the dividends are lovely; I have learnt self control and it has helped in so many areas of my life.

For instance, you meet a lady and she’s all there physically. The bosom and bottoms are perfect with the humility (boys love that) and then you think something might happen and may even want it to happen but you stay low because of your celibacy vow and later find out things about the lady and you just know your celibacy just saved you from a big mess.

I have also learnt to develop healthy relationships especially with the opposite sex and I think that is priceless. There’s a kind of friendship you can only get when you learn to see a lady as a friend and not a sex object to conquer.

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Sat down for hours thinking about my next post, and then it hit me…how well do people understand what celibacy entails?

So, before we continue on this journey of ours, let’s make sure we’re carrying everyone along on the same wagon.

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