5 Things That Will Mess You Up

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Ever started your journey and then made a mistake? Got tempted and gave in? Felt like it was the right thing to do at that moment? And now you feel like you have to start all over again?
Worry no more, I’m here to help.

Now, have a brief reflection on how it all went down – don’t go too far – just a brief reflection. What transpired before everything went south? Did you just watch a racy movie together? Had a few too many drinks? Cuddled a little too much?

We have to realize that sex doesn’t just happen. It takes series of events to lead up to that moment. ThoseĀ series of events are what you should avoid.

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Sat down for hours thinking about my next post, and then it hit me…how well do people understand what celibacy entails?

So, before we continue on this journey of ours, let’s make sure we’re carrying everyone along on the same wagon.

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